Alex Lockwood

Writer, activist and public speaker

Senior Lecturer in Journalism
Programme Leader for MA Magazine Journalism/MA Journalism/MA Sports Journalism


I’ve worked as a journalist, editor and editorial manager since 1994 across a number of  national magazines and online services, particularly in the music and creative arts sector, and in development and environmental journalism. I have a Masters in Creative and Critical Writing from Sussex University and a PhD in Creative Writing from Newcastle University. I’ve been teaching and lecturing in journalism and writing since 2005.

I am a member of the Centre for Research in Media and Cultural Studies at the University of Sunderland, with a full submission to REF2014 in UoA 36. Our research was identified as 65% world or international leading (4* or 3*) in the recent exercise. I am also a member of the Editorial Board for the European Journal of EcoPsychology. My newest funded research is as Co-I on an AHRC Connected Communities project working with colleagues from Newcastle, Sheffield and Bristol: (R)agency? The lived practices of anger.

Research interests:

  • Critical Animal Studies; animal rights, suffering and injustice
  • Writing the animal
  • Emotions in culture and society
  • The embodiment of emotions in running
  • Writing production processes
  • Animal Feelings (e.g. despair and denial of animal exploitation; biodiversity loss; vegan fatigue)
  • Environmental journalism practice and principles, especially animals and biodiversity
  • Cognitive sciences and the media

Current Research Work:

  • Exploring relations between animals, identity and affect
  • Veganism, vegan practices
  • Lines of running: the cultural, social and spiritual experiences of running
  • Ongoing interest in the processes of writing, especially in relation to animals and affect

Academic Awards and Funding

  • AHRC Connected Communities: (R)agency? The Lived Practices of Anger; Co-Investigator on anger and injustices felt by creative practitioners. £35-£40k as part of four institution collaboration (2015-)
  • Paul Hamlyn Foundation Artworks Project; Co-Investigator on perceptions of participatory arts practice amongst creative writing academics: £7.5k as part of larger £247,000 project (2011-12)
  • ADM-HEA Education for Sustainable Development; Principle Investigator for ‘Sparking Sustainability’ to build sustainable teaching/learning into curriculum; £4,940 (2010-11)
  • ADM-HEA Education for Sustainable Development Fund: Founder and Convenor of the MeCCSA Climate Change, Environment and Sustainability Network; £3k (2010-11)
  • Winner of the Innovation in Teaching Award, University of Sunderland (2008-09)

Key Research Outputs:

  • Book Chapters

2018 ‘With a Hope to Change Things: An Interview with the Editors of Zoomorphic Magazine’, in Yunker, J. (ed), Writing About Animals (Ashland Creek Press).

2017 ‘The Collaborative Craft of Creatural Writing’ in R. Bartosch and D. Ohren (eds), Beyond the Human-Animal Divide (Palgrave).

2013:  ‘Media, Politics and the Save our Forests Campaign’ in L. Lester and B. Hutchins (eds), Environmental Conflict and the Media (New York: Peter Lang) (Download Draft)

2012:  ‘Recruiting the Imagination: the Environmental Literary Journalism of Rachel Carson’ in R. Keeble (ed), Global Literary Journalists, Vol. 2 (New York: Peter Lang)

2011:  ‘The Shore is not a Beach’ in C. Berberich, N. Campbell and R. Hudson (eds), Land and Identity (Amsterdam: Rodopi)

2011:  ‘Sparking Sustainability: an example from media practice’ in K. Bartels and K. Parker (eds), Teaching Sustainability and Teaching Sustainably in Higher Education (Grand Velly State University: Stylus)

2010:  ‘Preparations for a post-Kyoto media coverage of climate change’ in T. Boyce and J. Lewis (eds), Climate Change and the Media (New York: Peter Lang)

  • Journal Articles

2018: ‘Bodily Encounter, Bearing Witness, and the engaged activism of The Save Movement’, Animal Studies Journal 7(2).

2018 ‘What Would Inclusive Journalism Have Felt Like for the Pig?’, Journal of Applied Journalism and Media Ethics (forthcoming)

2017 ‘Graphs of Grief and Other Green Feelings’, Environmental Communication 10(6)

2012:  ‘The Affective Legacy of Rachel Carson’s Silent Spring’, Environmental Humanities 1(1)

2010:  ‘Seeding Doubt: How Sceptics Use New Media to Delay Action on Climate Change’, Geopolitics, History and International Relations 2(2)

  • Reviews

2013 ‘Depression: A Public Feeling’, Culture Machine at

2012:  ‘Cruel Optimism by Lauren Berlant’, Culture Machine at

2010: Our Miners’ Moment: The Battle to Save Higher Education for Working-Class Students, Culture Machine at

  • Conferences

2012:  ‘Wrong Turnings’, Affective Landscapes conference, University of Derby, 25-26 May

2011:  ‘Media, Politics and the Save Our Forests Campaign’, Environmental Politics and Conflict in an Age of Digital Media symposium, University of Tasmania, Hobart, 17-18 November

2011:  ‘Archives of Green Feeling’, Spectacular Environments Symposium, Kings College London, 7-9 July (funded by AHRC Network)

2011:  ‘Affecting Environments and Critical Theory’, New Climes: Critical Theory and Climate Change Conference, Exeter University, 13-14 June

2011:  ‘Affecting Environments: emotional experiences between media and place in the Save Our Forests campaign’, Mediating Environmental Change conference, Bournemouth University, 4 March

2010:  ‘Media, emotion and environment’, Spectacular Environments Symposium, Kings College London, 16 October (funded by AHRC Network)

2010:  ‘Culture and Emotion in Media Environments’, ASLE-UK Conference (‘culture and climate change’), Bath Spa University, 1-4  September

2010:  ‘A Literature of Recruitment and the Long-Form Journalism of Climate Change’, International Association for Literary Journalism Studies conference, Roehampton University, London, 20-22 May

2009:  ‘The Shore in not a Beach’, Lanc and Identity Symposium, University of Derby, 16 May

2009:  ‘Coverage of climate change, natural disasters and energy policy in the UK Press’, Annual MeCCSA conference, University of Bradford, 16-18 January

2009:  ‘Seeding doubt: how sceptics are using new media to delay action on climate change’, Annual Association of Journalist in Education conference, University of Sheffield, 12 January

2008:  ‘Seeding doubt: how sceptics use new media online’, New Media, New Democracy? Association for Journalism Education, Sheffield University, September

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